St Louis Solar InstallerEFS Energy is a St Louis solar installer and energy efficiency provider established to meet the growing needs of Missouri home and business owners alike. Our locally based operation ensures we are knowledgeable in all areas of Missouri solar installation, including local and federal incentives, local building codes, permitting, regulations, and more.




Residential Solar InstallationEFS Energy provides residential solar energy solutions that fit most any budget. Solar panel installation on your home can turn every day sunlight into useful energy to power your home. Installing solar panels on your home not only benefits you and your family while living in your home, it increases the resale value of your home, furthering your overall savings…
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Commercial Solar Design & InstallationInstalling a solar electric system is a smart long-term investment that will provide decades of clean, renewable electricity, as well as a solid financial return. A commercial solar power system will substantially reduce you monthly electric bill for the next 25+ years and it will decrease your tax burden for the next 6 years… Learn More



LED LightingEFS Energy has an LED option for almost every application.  From small residential to large industrial, we can provide the most efficient and long lasting lighting available on the market…LearnMore




Home Energy EfficiencyEFS Energy provides home energy audits through our in-house BPI certified professional.  Find out how you can save money by increasing efficiency and reducing waste…Learn More




What Customers are Saying

EFS Customer Testimonials“Before you sign a contract with any other solar installation company, I would highly recommend you meet with the EFS Energy team. Instead of them telling me what I needed, they listened to what I wanted and designed a system based on my wants, needs and budget.”

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